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We often got frustrated about the execution on the field doesn't match with your ideas or strategic plan. But time was already flying, you can't go back. That's why we need to collaborate to avoid this accident repeated.

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How We Doing ?

A well-executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business.

We works together with well-trained freelancer in the certain district. They are ready to do the job in the 10 km radius.
You can look at their works on your devices in realtime. Including their movement, data captured (i.e. orders, stock-out, display, competitor) along with geo-location and photos taken by reps on the spot.
You have to pay lumpsum cost for 3 month period for each district. The lumpsum cost will be shared with the other brand. Additionaly you only pay every successful visit with an order or an audit or a merchandising effort.
Currently we only cover Java Island. The other area will be covered soon.


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